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Reiki Training

Reiki is a Japanese word, which means “universal life force energy.” Plants, animals and all humans need universal life force energy for

living, growing, and healing. It surrounds us in our daily lives. Since conception, humans have the ability to take in and/or release this

energy within and throughout their being. However, problems in one’s life such as: difficult family background, school, work, environment, and but not limited to physical weaknesses can cause a block in the flow of energy. A decreased flow of life force energy results in dis-ease and a slower healing process. Reiki knowledge and ability is passed on through a series of attunements and instructions. It is available for all who ask, and is refused to no one.


Our Reiki class offers traditional teachings as well as additional tools to enhance your life in a variety of valuable material. We will provide teaching on how Reiki is channeled, its history, origin, and proper usage. You will learn traditional use of hand positions to give reiki to yourself and others, plants and animals, along with instructions on how to receive maximum benefit from your attunement.  You'll open your intuition to use reiki, and use scanning techniques and meditation to aid your personal reiki practice. 

  • Reiki level 1 ... $177

  • Reiki level 2 ... $277

  • Reiki level 3 ... $777

Reiki Training Fees

The second degree is an advanced level of study, where the student is taught how to intensify the flow of energy. At this level, Reiki works

faster and at deeper levels. In addition to receiving two more powerful attunements, the student learns how to transmit this healing energy over any distance and time, penetrating the space-time barrier; how Reiki works with the subconscious mind to help eliminate unwanted habits, and how to enhance talents. Reiki can be applied to ideas and situations; and can help heal the past as well as enhance the future.  Reiki, at this level, is a superb tool for getting at the “bottom line” of one’s mental, spiritual, emotional or physical disorders.


The third degree of Reiki attunement is about taking students energy flows to the master level. This class is not about earning the prestige

of becoming a master; but is about learning to master oneself. The three attunements in this class give students the ability work with Reiki at the most profound levels, achieving the fastest and most powerful results. Students will learn how to create powerful crystal grids for channeling positive energy and enhancing their lives. Students will receive training on how to pass attunements and become their own Reiki teacher so they can continue to pass on this beautiful gift.

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