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Additional Services

Karam's ministerial services and trainings are creative, loving, and personal.  A wonderful addition to your lifestyle!

Ministerial Services

Whether it's joining together in love or departing from a loved one, Karam will help you create a personal and perfect ceremony.



Reiki Levels 1,2 ,& 3 Trainings

Our Reiki class offers traditional teachings as well as additional tools to enhance your life in a variety of valuable material. We will provide teaching on how Reiki is channeled, its history, origin, and proper usage.



Introduction to Reflexology Training

If you are interested in beginning your journey into reflexology this is an excellent starting point.  You will by the end of the training be able to complete a full One hour reflexology session.  We set up class in a way that it fits into your schedule & we work with you until you understand the basics.

Traveling Massage & Yoga

Make your own Massage and Yoga retreat.  Bring me along on your personal journey.  I will design a healing program specifically for you and your traveling companions.  Included in the base pricing is 3 hours of personal attention each day. This can be broken up anyway you like. For example: Two hour & a half massages. An hour and a half massage & an hour and a half yoga class. We can come up with a plan that fits your personal needs. 


Base Pricing: $333 Per day

                         $555 Weekend Special Rate

                         $1999 Weekly Special Rate


~With the special rates Friday, or the first day is considered a travel day, we begin work the following day. 

~You are in charge of covering all travel expenses, and providing a private room for me. I will take care of my meals.

~Prior to committing to booking, we will have a meeting to discuss your needs and what you hope to accomplish. Once dates are chosen I will require a $100 non-refundable deposit. A week prior, half the fee is due. The final payment is due the day of departure.


Additional add ons:

Each additional hour per day $85

Reiki Training ~ Level 1: $177 ; Level 2:$277; Master Level : $777

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