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Karam specializes in Kundalini yoga and creative Vinyasa flow.   She uses the yoga philosophy to assist individuals in their personal transformation.


We experience everything through the vehicle of our bodies.  Every thought, action, word, event, both past present & future has an affect on our overall well being. How we move through this world. Just imagine when you are nervous, what happens? You may feel "butterflies" in your stomach right? A thought, creating a visceral reaction...This is how everything good or bad translates through our bodies. Then, we store these experiences in our cellular memory which in turn can create disease. Living through the body, we can create a link from the physical to the energetic experience, which in turn brings about balance. Working with both Vinyasa (physical focus) and Kundalini ( Energetic & Physical) Karam uses the best of both technologies to support you in having a balanced life experience.

Specialized Personal Practice...  $111

Have a yoga practice designed specifically for you. Karam will work with you to design a personalized Kundalini or Vinyasa flow class to fit your life style. Each program will include an intake on your desires and concerns prior to your meeting, when you meet Karam, she will have a program prepared for you.  At your session Karam will walk you through the program and answer any questions you may have. The meeting will be approximately an hour and a half.  



Private or Group yoga instruction... $88


1 Hour Yoga & 1.5 Hour Table Session ... $199



Weekly Schedule

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